Application video for a school entrepreneurship incubator


Oh, the wonders the 21st century affords! A couple days ago I became aware of a support program for schooling entrepreneurs. 

From their front page:

Schools as they exist today aren't working for anyone — students, teachers or the world they live in. We need radically different school models — and to get there, we need a radically different approach to school model development.


Designing and running a school focused on questioning the assumptions schooling is currently based on is hard work. You shouldn't have to do it alone. Join a cohort of school entrepreneurs who can help push your thinking and be a support network as you all work to design radically different school models.

I think I like these people.

I'll need to know more about how they work, of course, but their deadline for the 2015–16 cohort is today (!), so I figured I'd apply, and wait to find out whether or not I'm accepted to make my decision.

They asked for a 2-minute video, and what I gave them runs 6 minutes. Alas! To quote Pascal: "I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time." My apologies, []schools folk!

If you've an interest in how we're making our schools, you'll find this interesting! 

And you might find the website of []schools quite interesting. (I do!)

Click the image to see the short video:

[]schools application video photo

I threw the video together (obviously?) but I do have interest in improving my online speaking style. If you've any advice, do please shoot me a private e-mail with it!