What if schools could show kids how fascinating the world really is?
What if schools could become talent hotbeds?
What if schools could help kids build lives of meaning?

What if schools could become vibrantly intellectual communities,
dedicated to human flourishing?

We're a team of educators working to forge this new vision of education. We're making learning opportunities that cultivate Renaissance people: men and women who find the world interesting, develop mastery in many fields, and build lives of meaning.

Our Projects

Our once-a-week program for 5–8 year-olds, Young Philosophers, launched in September! Through it, kids have cooked pies and crêpes; learned organic chemistry, evolutionary biology, and atomic physics; and absorbed the stories of Socrates, the Buddha, and Confucius.

Our first full school, the Leonardo School, will open in September 2017 in Kenmore, WA (right outside Seattle).