Our Quest

We're a team of educators working together to cultivate Renaissance people. 

We follow a new (and very old) approach to education — we know that everyone can fall in love with the world, build mastery in a host of subjects, and lead a life of purpose. 

Young Philosophers

In Young Philosophers, we help kids fall in love with biochemistry, ancient history, and critical thinking.

Young Philosophers is a once-a-week class for kids ages 5–9 that meets around Seattle & the Eastside in 2-hour blocks. Kids learn quite advanced content through riddles, metaphors, and epics.


Leonardo helps kids fall in love with the world, and then draws kids into mastery — of math, drawing, reading, cooking, writing, and storytelling.

Leonardo is a Monday/Wednesday program (with an optional Friday with Camp Roots) that meets on Seattle's Eastside in 6-hour blocks. Leonardo starts for kids ages 6–9 in September 2017, and will expand to become a K–12 program.