Our Quest

We're a team of educators working together to cultivate Renaissance people. 

We follow a new (and very old) approach to education — we know that everyone can fall in love with the world, build mastery in a host of subjects, and lead a life of purpose. 

Young Philosophers

In Young Philosophers, we help kids fall in love with real science, real thinking, and real cooking.

Young Philosophers is a Sunday-morning class for kids ages 6–10 that meets in Kirkland, WA. Kids learn quite advanced content through riddles, metaphors, and epics.


Leonardo helps kids fall in love with the world, and then draws kids into mastery — of math, drawing, reading, cooking, writing, and storytelling.

Leonardo is a Monday/Wednesday program (with an optional Friday with Camp Roots) that meets on Seattle's Eastside in 6-hour blocks. Leonardo is currently for ages 6–9, and will expand to become a full K–12 program.