Physical education in our school

Our bodies are designed to move — we're African animals, built for the savannas. We now live, however, lifestyles that allow us to avoid movement. This has horrible effects for our health, our focus, and our happiness. In our school, kids will move. Our faculty will, too!

We won't segregate physical education to a class separate from the others. Rather, we'll frequently pause our lessons to move: we'll skip and run and dance, sing and yell and swing on ropes. We'll play games. We'll kick balls and throw balls. We'll leap. We'll crawl.

Kids should come home tired (a little).

We'll do this because it's good for health. (A host of childhood diseases are linked to inactivity.) We'll do this because it's good for our brains. (Thinking, it's been suggested, is the evolutionary internalization of movement: animals that don't move, don't have brains. Phy Ed builds the brain; the other classes make use of it.)

We'll do this most of all, however, because it's joyous! It feels good to use a body for the purposes it was made for.

If this strikes your fancy, you might also be interested in our school's adventures in meditation (which also build the brain), and our singing/dancing curriculum.