Six portals, dozens of patterns.
Pick one!

The humanities
The natural world
Practical superpowers

Our mission is to cultivate the world's greatest curriculum: intellectually vibrant, content rich, cognitively exacting, and emotionally compelling.

We're calling it "Our Signature Curriculum". 

We’ll be developing this K–12 curriculum, refining it together, and offering it for free online to anyone who wishes to borrow from it, or to see what education can aspire to in the 21st century.

We're reimagining every subject from the ground up — history, math, science, cooking, writing, drawing, philosophy, physical education, literature, music, foreign language, biology, chemistry, physics, ecology, anthropology, sociology, psychology, geography, world religions, economics, political science, coding, design, spelling, and much, much more.

Rather than dividing our signature curriculum into separate classes, we have a profusion of patterns, each of which connects to at least one general focus — the humanities, the natural world, language, thinking, observation, and practical superpowers.

On those six pages are links to all of the pieces of our curriculum.

Go ahead. Take a peek.