Daily Schedule

Precise times are still in flux (and adaptable by the day).

9:00 — Kids arrive. A calm period of drawing (and painting) objects brought into the classroom, while listening to music and having conversations.

9:15 — Mixed arts. We listen to our song of the week and poem of the week, and closely observe our painting of the week and comic of the day.

9:30 — Prepare lunch. We chop vegetables for the soup, and bake our bread. 

10:00 — In-depth science lesson. Brandon leads the kids in a deep exploration of a common object (honey, for example). Over the course of a month, kids learn about its chemistry, its evolutionary origin story, and its role in the ecosystem and human culture. 

10:20 — Exercise break.

10:30 — Math, independent work. Kristin pulls out small groups of kids to work on JUMP Math and Brave Writer exercises, while other kids work on reading and tinkering.

11:20 — Exercise break. 

11:30 — Lunch. Kids set the table, dine together, and share conversation. On some days, we'll invite someone from the community in to answer kids' questions (and partake in the meal)!

12:00 — Outside play. Kids play group games.

12:30 — Ancient history. Kristin spins a story from the ancient world; kids practice telling it themselves.

12:50 — Writing, independent work. Kristin pulls out small groups of kids to work through the Brave Writer curriculum, while other kids work on art, reading, and their Learning in Depth research.

1:50 — Outside play. 

2:10 — Reflection. Kristin leads kids in meditation and journaling. The week’s poem and song are repeated. 

2:30 — Dismissal.